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Duct Cleaning Melbourne


Deluxe Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Deluxe Duct Cleaning Melbourne offers professional duct cleaning, return vent cleaning, sanitisation & deodorisation services Melbourne wide. Our team fully qualified & NADCA Member with the right knowledge of testing Carbon Monoxide Level CO level.

Our ducted heating cleaning technicians fully comply with COVID-19 guidelines.


All Services Available At Deluxe Duct Cleaning

Evaporative Cooler Cleaning

On hot summer days, Evaporative Cooler System plays a vital role in sustaining life. It plays a great role in making life cool and comfortable.

Residential Duct Cleaning

Deluxe Duct Cleaning is one of the most well-known names in Melbourne for Residential duct cleaning services. Leading the industry for a long, we are our one-stop solution to indoor air quality management.

Duct Repair

You might not know but leaks and holes on ducts have an impact on the indoor air quality. In fact, damaged ducts can affect the proper functioning of your HVAC systems.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Deluxe Duct Cleaning is an expert in commercial duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Moreover, we take care of the sanitization service too effectively.

Laundry Dryer Duct Cleaning

To increase the efficiency of your dryer and get best laundry results, Laundry Dryer Duct Cleaning Melbourne can be your most efficient partner.

Other Services

Deluxe Duct Cleaning is one of the best companies in Melbourne offering a wide range of duct cleaning services.

How Much Does Heating Duct Cleaning Cost in Melbourne?

Our professionally duct cleaning services cost range anywhere between $250 to $450. However, there are many  factors that affect cost involve.

  1. Kind of HAVC duct system
  2. Number of Air Vents
  3. Floor or Ceiling Ducts
  4. Number of duct cleaning technicians required
  5. Extra Services like Duct Santisation or deodiration
  6. CO2 level testing

Let Us Get Back to You.

    With our Deluxe Duct Cleaning Service breath freshness

    Over time, dust, pollutants & dirt accumulates inside your duct. Sometimes dead rodents or animal stuck inside your duct cause bad smell when your turn your HAVC system. We offer all kinds of professional central floor & ceiling air duct cleaning, HVAC Cleaning, air conditioner duct cleaning in Melbourne. You can call 0342403101 

    • Residential Duct Cleaning Services
    • Airborne Dust Particles Removal
    • Commercial Ducted Heating Cleaning Services
    • Central Heating Cleaning
    • Floor & Ceiling Air Duct System Cleaning
    • Duct Sanitisation using Tea Tree Oil
    • All Duct Cleaning Services at Lowest price

    Always Choose a NADCA Member for Ductworks Cleaning

    Be vigilant of ducted heating cleaning scams.There are tons of unqualified duct cleaners in Melbourne. Always first ask before booking. Are you guys are member of NADCA? National Air Duct Cleaners Association is Australia’s largest professional certified duct cleaners association with over 1200 duct cleaning technicians just in Melbourne.

    • Ask for NADCA membership
    • Ask for the NADCA certification & check online
    • Read on Homeowner’s Guide to Air Duct Cleaning
    • Make sure duct cleaning contractor properly clean the return air ductwork, the air-stream side of the heat exchangers  as per the NADCA guide.
    • Make sure the duct panels properly sealed properly inside of the ductowrks is free of dirt, dust, stains and debris?
    • Duct Sanitsation & Duct Deoristastion properly done.

    Moreover, we offer a full variety of duct cleaning services. We will help you in saving your annual heating, cooling and HVAC unit running costs with our ducts and vents cleaning service in Melbourne.


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    Duct Cleaning and Its Benefits

    Hire Deluxe Duct Cleaning for duct system cleaning today to maintain your duct systems. Ignoring duct system cleaning can lead to the problems of mould, germs, fungi, pollen, and dangerous pathogens in your ducts. The dirty duct system will spread these germs & may impact your health negatively. Avoid diseases by hiring us for instant duct cleaning and termination of any germs or pathogens in ducts at your place.

    Below Are The Benefits Of Duct System Cleaning?

    • Save energy consumption and save energy bills
    • Improve indoor air making it cleaner, fresher and germ-free
    • Prevention of diseases spread by germs and bacteria
    • Healthy breathing and prevention of breathing problems
    • Cleaner and hygienic home and office environment
    • Safe removal of rodent or birds dead or alive stuck in your duct systems

    How Often Should You Get Duct Cleaning in Melbourne?

    Duct Cleaning in Melbourne, two times a year can be more than enough. If you are more concerned about it then you can hire professional duct cleaners quarterly. Also, the cleaning needs depend upon the use duration and the condition of the ducts.

    Is HVAC Duct Cleaning worth it?

    Yes, Professional HVAC Duct Cleaning is worth it. There are many things that you can not do and professionals can do. Besides this, there are many health benefits that are associated with duct cleaning, Heater Duct Cleaning, AC Duct Cleaning and Apartment Duct Cleaning. These all together make HVAC Duct Cleaning worthy.

    Expert Cleaners At Deluxe Duct Cleaning

    We are the best duct cleaning Melbourne company. We offer professional service for all kinds of central floor & ceiling air duct cleaning in Melbourne. Our professional Melbourne duct cleaners are generally booked for the below-given services.

    Dryer Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Dryer Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Cleaning your dryer ducts is of the utmost importance when you love your home & family enough to save them from the risk of fire. With the constant use and period of time, lint gets accumulated onto the dryer duct vent, which may lead to a house fire. Hence, it is important you hire professionals for dryer vent cleaning in Melbourne at regular time intervals. And our professionals offer duct cleaning and inspection services on the same day of booking at amazing prices.

    Air Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne

    Ducted Heating System Cleaning Melbourne

    Ducts keep your working and living atmosphere cosy and comfortable. And to keep them running smoothly all year through you need professional help. We are here at Deluxe Duct Cleaning 24×7 to give your ducts a flawless clean with utmost safety. Call us for Clean Ducted Heating Systems and add more years to your ducts! We offer the finest quality duct cleaning services in Melbourne. We are a premium duct vent repair services provider with an excellent track record for achieving results and looking out for our customers.

    Evaporative Cooling Duct Cleaning

    Evaporative Cooling Duct Cleaning

    We are the best team for cooling duct cleaning in Melbourne, Victoria. We offer professional Evaporative Cooling Cleaning, central floor & ceiling air duct cleaning in Melbourne. Our professionals have years of experience in doing this work and we have done this for many clients.

    Duct Animal Intrusion Removal Service

    Animal Intrusion Removal From Duct

    Ducts become the best place for pests and insects to live. They grow large in number and sometimes die inside the ducts. It blocks the complete system as well as creates a tough breathing situation. Our professional cleaners will remove their dead bodies, terminate their intrusion and clean all the cause for stale and horrible odours in your home.

    Carbon Monoxide Testing Melbourne

    Carbon Monoxide Testing Melbourne

    The major production sources of CO in the home include boilers, gas heaters, ovens, barbeques, heating systems and more. The poisonous effect of CO can cause numerous health problems in the home. This gas has proved to be life-threatening in many cases. It’s important to have carbon monoxide testing get done by professionals at regular time intervals for the sake of your family’s & loved one’s health. Our professionals at Deluxe Duct Cleaning possess all the right tools and machines to test the extent of CO in the home.

    Heating System Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne

    Heating System Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne

    The professionals at Deluxe Duct Cleaning are rich in experience and skills for Heating duct cleaning. Our professionals use their efficiency and skills in cleaning your heating system ducts. Our special maintenance services improve the life efficacy and performance of the systems and keep your premises warm. Having heating systems ducts cleaned and serviced timely saves you a lot of money instead of getting it replaced. Thus, you can hire our service for Heating System Duct Cleaning in Melbourne.

    Split System Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Split System Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Our split system duct cleaning technicians carefully clean your systems, which makes sure you breathe clean and pollutant-free air. Timely Split system cleaning is important if there are kids in the home, as you would not want your kids to inhale contaminated air. We use advanced technology and the best cleaning agents to make your split systems thoroughly clean. Do not delay anymore & get your split air conditioners cleaned today with the help of skilled technicians from us.

    AC Coil Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    AC Coil & Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    AC coils accumulate a lot of dirt, dust and debris almost regularly. Dirt and mud on your coils can affect proper heat transfer and will lead to heavy energy consumption. Deluxe Duct Cleaning will deliver duct cleaning effectively by using specialised brushes and low-pressure cleaning equipment. By taking care of your coil cleaning on time you can prevent any damage to your ac and avoid improper energy consumption as well.

    Coil Cleaning Melbourne

    Coil Cleaning Melbourne

    Firstly, coil cleaning work is finished by our professionals and then we go for antimicrobial coatings to avoid germ harbouring. We provide a surface coating on deteriorated fibreglass. We also have a facility for repairing and restoring rusted parts. Our professionals can provide the service for coating the drain pans too. It is a full-fledged service in which we will clean as well as repair the coil system. Additionally, you can call us for Ducted Heating Repairs in Melbourne. 

    Return Vent Cleaning Melbourne

    Return Vent Cleaning Melbourne

    We at Deluxe Duct Cleaning have been serving in the niche for many years, and know exactly how to satisfy our customers. Our range of duct cleaning services includes return vent cleaning. If you are looking for one of the best duct cleaning Melbourne companies, then you are at the right place. Our Professional Duct Cleaners in Melbourne are fully licensed and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques to clean return vents and provide you with NADCA certified duct cleaning services in Melbourne.

    Duct Mould Removal Melbourne

    Duct Mould Removal Melbourne

    Your ducts are the favourite place for the mould to infest. Mould inside your ducts is responsible for numerous health problems and bad odours in the home. And cleaning mould off your ducts is not an easy task to be done efficiently on your own, only the trained professionals are capable of delivering you the best services for duct mould removal. Our technicians for duct cleaning Melbourne inspect your ducts and do the cleaning with the help of effective solutions.

    Airborne Dust Particle Removal

    Airborne Dust Particle Removal

    The ducts being opened to the outside environment gets a lot of particles transported by the air. Over a period of time, they can create the chances of duct blockage. You can remove those airborne dust before they become the reason for the problems for you. You can call the professional of Deluxe Duct Cleaning for this work.

    Duct Sanitisation and Deodorisation in Melbourne

    We just not focus on the cleaning problems and solutions for the duct system in your house but also have the service for their sanitisation and deodorisation. For this, we have several teams of professionals, advanced tools and sanitizing and deodorizing solutions. Our service will be useful in the removal of all types of dirt, odours, germs and other duct cleaning problems. Call us now to get the same day service for duct sanitisation and deodorisation in Melbourne.

    Duct Sanitisation Service
    Effective Duct Cleaning Service

    Our Effective Duct Cleaning Process

    Duct cleaning requires a proper understanding of the working of heating and cooling and other ducted system installed in houses. Our professionals have the skill and experience to follow the below-given duct cleaning process.

    • Inspection of the ductworks to look for volume of dust, debris, animal intrusion, mould and moisture.
    • Removal of all vent covers and clean them thoroughly.
    • Our duct cleaning Melbourne technicians agitate the duct pipe using a rotating brush and clean its inside parts too.
    • Breaking & losing up the duct contaminants and making that area of the duct neat and clean.
    • Cleaning the supply and return vents.
    • Final inspection to see if there is any problem with cleaning or in the fixing of the spare parts.

    Deluxe Duct Cleaning offers a complete package for your heating and AC Duct Cleaning. Call us to get a free quote and make an appointment today!

    Same Day Duct Cleaning Service

    Our duct cleaning specialist works around the clock. If you book us for heating ducts or cooling duct system cleaning services anywhere in Melbourne, one of our Duct Cleaners Melbourne will be at your property on the same day within a few hours of booking. We have the availability of all types of tools and cleaning solutions to reach every positioned duct and clean that with perfection. Thus, you can hire us for your search ‘ Duct Cleaner Near Me” in Melbourne.

    Duct Repair Service

    Here at Deluxe Duct Cleaning, we are one of the best Duct Repair Service providers in Melbourne. We are available to repair and replace all kinds of ducts. We have expertise in Duct Replacement and Heating duct repair in Melbourne. Thus, we are the most suitable to hire for your search “Heating duct repair near me” in Melbourne.

    Gas Ducted Heater Cleaning Melbourne

    Gas Ducted Heater is an important thing in your house and it is being wise going for Gas Ducted Heater Cleaning Melbourne. We have the best duct cleaners in the town. Thus, if you are here because of your search “ Duct Cleaning Services Near Me” then you can book our team.

    How Molds can be Dangerous for Your Ducts?

    Moulds are unnecessary substances that can grow anywhere and ducts are one of their favourite places. It is dangerous for your ducts as well as your family because its growth can block the duct system and reduces its function to zero. Besides this, it can attract germs and pests which can damage your ducts. In many houses, due to the growth of moulds, we found that their duct system is damaged. This will start regulating bad air in the house which will affect the health of you and your family.

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Melbourne

    Exhaust in the kitchen can get fire if not cleaned well in time. Here at Deluxe Duct Cleaning, we provide excellent service for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Melbourne. Additionally, we are supportive of Rangehood Cleaning Service Melbourne.

    Complete Solution for Air Duct Cleaning

    As you know that the duct systems are very strong as well as complex, it tends to be more labour intensive to keep them neat and clean. Dirt and other particles as well as moulds and pests can easily grow inside the ducts. Thus it becomes tough to clean these systems for you. But Deluxe Duct Cleaning does this work at affordable prices, and you will not have to worry about the labours as we own the best professionals available in Melbourne. The service is not as straightforward as you think because there are different types of ducts and vents present inside your house and all of them need different cleaning care. Our professionals solve all types of cleaning problems related to ducts and vents. So our service will be the best choice for air duct cleaning as you will have the complete solution.

    Our Deluxe Duct Cleaning Team

    We are a team of qualified, educated, experienced and trained duct cleaning and repair, technicians. All our cleaners live across Melbourne to be able to serve all suburbs in no time!

    • Nicholas heads the Southern suburbs.
    • James is answerable to all duct cleaning service requests in the Eastern suburbs.
    • Paul delivers marvellous duct cleaning services in Melbourne in the Western suburbs.
    • In the North, Mark holds the command in Duct Cleaning.
    Professional Duct Cleaning Service
    Duct Cleaning Services

    Why Deluxe Duct Cleaning Is The Best Service Provider For Melbourne Duct Cleaning?

    There is never a job too great or too small for Deluxe Duct Cleaning in Melbourne. We go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction with our certified cleaning process. That’s why our customers come back to us for this service time and again.

    Here are a few reasons which make Deluxe Duct Cleaning the best duct cleaning company in Melbourne:

    • We are available 24*7 hours. We even work on public holidays and can provide same-day and next-day duct cleaning appointments.
    • With environmentally safe cleaning measures we do not pollute your premises, you will never be disappointed with our duct cleaning.
    • All our in-house engineers and duct cleaning experts are certified, licensed and insured.
    • Affordable and have pocket-friendly Melbourne duct cleaning services.
    • Airborne Dust Particles Removal from your ducts.
    • We accept an array of payment methods and models including cash, Master Card, Visa credit and debit cards.
    • Our certified duct cleaning service available in Melbourne and its suburbs.
    • We are experts in cleaning ducts of residential and commercial premises.

    Our hours of operation complement your schedule, with coverage from Monday to Sunday, 7 am to 7 pm. Call us now on 0342403101 for a free consultation, including initial inspection, and quote.

    People also ask – Deluxe Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    ➼ How Much Does It Cost To Clean Out My Air Duct System In Melbourne?

    ↳ The average price for air duct cleaning is $35 per vent. The factors like the number of ducts, the size of the house, and their configuration affect the duct cleaning costs. Similarly, the air duct cleaning costs for an average size (2000-2500 square ft.) house can be anywhere between $120 to $600 depending on the number of the vent.

    ➼ Why Is It Important To Maintain Clean Air Ducts?

    ↳ It is important to maintain clean air ducts because it helps to keep a fresh and clean environment inside the house and office. Also, it maintains the usual electricity bills and the efficiency of the air ducts.

    ➼ How Do You Clean An Air Duct System?

    ↳ We have professionals and cleaning machines especially arranged for air duct system cleaning. In the cleaning process, we remove the dirt and other accumulations, then we clean the inner side of the duct system. During the cleaning, we ensure that less amount of mess is created because of dirt particles coming out of the air ducts.

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