Apartment Duct Cleaning Service

Does your apartment need duct cleaning services? We will find out!

Buildings and apartments generally have single vents that serve as outlets for dirt, debris, and other waste materials.

Deluxe Duct Cleaning is a leading apartment duct cleaning and duct orientation specialist in Melbourne. Apartment duct cleaning services provided by Deluxe Duct Cleaning remove all the accumulated dust within the ducts. This thus provides a proper route for the transmission of air.

Deluxe Duct Cleaning provide duct cleaning services in Melbourne and nearby areas. Lists are Below:-

Risks Posed by Contaminated Ducts in Apartments

Clogged dirt in apartments gives rise to many risks and if ignored can become a big problem. Have a look at some of the potential risks associated with dirty air ducts in apartments:

  • One of the major problems that can arise due to contaminated ducts in Melbourne is the prevalence of fire. Dirty ducts act as a hindrance to the transmission of air. This may damage the electrical connections and thus can result in a fire.
  • Carbon monoxide, a major respiratory waste produced in every apartment, can intrude back into your home if there are any cracks in the ducts.
  • Trapped moisture within the vents can make a comeback to your house and can damage the drywall, wallpaper, ceilings, and other material of the building.
  • Clothes in the dryers also take twice the time as they too are connected to the single vents.
Dryers Vent Cleaning Melbourne

Dryers Vent Cleaning Melbourne

Apartment and Assisted Dryers Vent Cleaning

The in-house duct cleaning experts of Deluxe Duct Cleaning care for the safety of the residents who trust us. On hiring Deluxe Duct Cleaners, you are protecting your apartment from fires, pollutants, and smoke. It would directly improve the health condition of your family members.

Additionally, our apartment duct cleaning professionals would also help you lower down the cost of running commonly installed dryers in the buildings will also be decreased, the clothes will also not take much time for drying. Whatever is your requirement – ducted heating cleaning, duct maintenance, duct repairs, and even installations, our experts are equipped with everything to make you rid of all the duct related problems.

So, to spend little and save a lot later, simply implement a regular HAVAC maintenance schedule with the Deluxe Duct Cleaners for your rental units so as to prevent its premature failure.

Deluxe Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Deluxe Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Deluxe Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Our team members are ready to serve you at any place. You just have to make a call and we will be right there for you. The services we offer are as follows:

  • Commercial Duct/Vent Cleaning.
  • Residential Duct/Vent Cleaning.
  • Assisted Living Facilities.
  • Offices.
  • Clinics.
  • Rental and Retail Spaces.
  • Salons and Parlors.
  • Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Our Comprehensive Cleaning Process

After knowing the hazards of clogged ducts in the apartments, you must have come to know how necessary it is to have the air ducts and vents cleaned. Want to know the cleaning procedure then go through the following:

  • Starting with the process the technicians examine the extent to which the ducts are clogged, the number of turns and twists they are having.
  • The outer part of the ducts is scrubbed and the underlying debris is removed carefully to avoid any spillages.
  • The loose dirt is first sucked up with the help of a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • For effective cleaning arsenal of tools are utilized. Remnants of insects and rodents are also scrubbed out of the ducts. They are air washed under pressure utilizing air-wands and air snakes.
  • To completely dislodge the debris a powerful compressor is used that completely removes the contaminants.
  • Rotary brushes are used that make physical contact with the interior of the ducts and with spinning actions dislodge more dirt and send it towards the vacuum cleaner.
  • Microline systems that utilize air snakes having tentacles do vigorous thrashing within the ducts thus removing dust from every inch.
  • Lastly, a hands-on cleaning action is performed by the cleaners who crawl deep within the ducts with a dust brush and vacuum and give a dust free zone to you and your family.
Residential and Commercial Duct Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Duct Cleaning

Get Perfect Apartment Duct Cleaning with Deluxe Duct Cleaning

Hiring us won’t disrupt any of your work, either residential or commercial. We will schedule our work according to your timetable. We are also available on weekends and provide after-hour services if necessary. On completion of work, our experts conduct a final inspection of the whole work done and re-do it if something has been left out. They make sure that all the work has met quality assurance standards. We also provide a closing report and pictures of before and after cleaning of the ducts that will assure you complete apartment duct cleaning.

So, get yourself and your family members protected by getting the ducts/vents of your apartments cleaned by Deluxe Duct Cleaners today!

At Deluxe Duct Cleaning Melbourne, we offer professional duct cleaning for all kinds of properties across Melbourne. Our duct cleaning specialists are excel in cleaning on high rise buildings. Our prices are very competitive for commercial clients. If you own a motel and need all the apartments or rooms ducted cleaned. Give us a call for the bulk discount for your properties. Believe us you will save a fortune on electricity bills.

Need a quick quote – give us a call on 03 9068 6442 for the same day booking.

Our Nearby Service Areas

Reasons to have your Apartment’s heating ducts cleaned.

If you are experiencing difficulty in taking fresh breathe or dusty air indoor. This may lead to serious health related issues, our central heater apartment duct cleaning service will get your fresh air by professionally cleaning your ductworks.

  1. Rodents or Birds stuck in your heating systems may cause a bad smell from your duct air.
  2. Duct cleaning and sensitization will get rid of any bacteria or germs from your ducts.
  3. Big Cut on electricity bills.
  4. If you or a family member got respiration problems like asthma. Central apartment duct cleaning will help you to inhale fresh air.
  5. Carbon monoxide testing will help you to identify if your ducts need to intimidate servicing.
  6. Fresh air everywhere.

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