How To Clean Air Ducts?

It’s easy to find out whether your ventilation system has duct and dust or not. Simply open the air conditioner and see whether you spot any dirt or dust inside your filter or somewhere.  If you spot any sign of dirt or sign of dust gently clean it with the help of water. Doing duct cleaning regularly will keep your air quality good and fresh. For the best results in cleaning your ducts always remember to take help from professional duct cleaning service. With proper tools and eco-friendly solutions, they ensure the work done on time and with no damage.

Follow The Given Below Tips On How To Clean Your Air Ducts;

Check The Heater

  • Inspect your heater properly.
  • It should be cleaned and there should be no sign of dust or dirt on it.
  • Look for the blades it should be cleaned properly and there should be no sign of oil and dirt on it.

Examine The Air Conditioner Coil

  • Simply with the help of a torch see whether your cooling coil is cleaned or not.
  • Keep in mind if you see any sign of dirt or oil then immediately clean it properly.
  • It can cause a problem in the speed and spreading bad air quality.
  • The fins of the coil should remain straight and cleaned.
  • Wash it properly with the help of clean water and go through gently.
  • Any damage to the fin can lead to disaster.

How To Take Care Of Ducts?

To maintain the air ducts in your home and maintain a healthy surrounding you can follow the given below steps;

  • Keep changing the filter
  • Always remember to clean the filters of the ventilator.
  • Regularly vacuum can help you free from all ducts and dust.
  • By maintaining this you can balance the healthy and hygienic environment.
  • Always see the cooling coil should give you a fresh air quality after getting cleaned properly.
  • The duct should be completely sealed and free from all leakage.

Call Professionals

At Deluxe Duct Cleaning we are there to help you 24×7! Our professional duct cleaners have been serving the best quality of service in the industry for years. Our all services we provide at a reasonable and affordable rate. Give our professionals a chance to serve you with the top classic Duct cleaning Melbourne services and keep your family and pets free from all duct problems. For more information on our specials services feel free to give us a call or book an appointment today.

What are the reasons behind indoor pollution?

Indoor Air Pollution

The biggest problem in today’s society is the air pollution, which is the leading cause of global warming. However, the air in your house is not that hazardous and it’s not alone elevating the risks of global warming. If you’re living in a big city, you must be aware of pollution, but did you know that the house you’re living in, is also affected by pollutants. This indoor pollution makes life difficult for people with asthma and other respiratory problem. Wondering what is causing pollution in your house? In this article, we’ll be going to discuss the same.

The smoke is the most common type of pollutant

Smoke is the main cause of lung cancer and bronchitis. This smoke inside your house can because of multiple reasons, fire or gas stove cause huge pollutants inside the home. Being exposed to the smoke pollutants for a long time can lead to asthma or any other respiratory problem. Always make sure that there is proper ventilation around fireplace or gas stove and smoke is making the way outside of your house. And besides proper ventilation, make sure the ducts are cleaned and sanitised thoroughly. You can take the professionals duct cleaning Melbourne for your best help.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Melbourne

House building material

Some house material is made of some toxic material, while most of these items are banned. But some old houses are still made from those toxic materials, after some time these material start reacting with the environment and become pollutants.


The moulds not only ruin your bread, but these moulds also ruin your house. Moulds also cause pollutes the air and the infestation of mould cause other health problem as well. Moulds also spread quickly and reach every area in the house. If your house has a humidity or dampness in the home atmosphere, the mould will easily fit in your home. After chilly winter, call professionals to check the air ducts and look for moulds inside the passage, if the moulds are present get it cleaned.

Outdoor pollutants

Sometimes the pollutants outside the home would enter into the home and mix in the home environment. These type of pollutants are also a reason of trouble, generally, pesticides or leakage in air duct can cause pollution inside the house.

Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Carbon Monoxide

The carbon monoxide is also known as the silent killer, this gas is so deadly that it can cause death from inhalation without letting know its presence. That’s why it is important to have carbon monoxide testing on the regular basis.

However, there are many ways to deal with this fatal problem, installing carbon monoxide alarm in your house can make you alert to clear the situation. You can also take help from professionals, they do a carbon monoxide testing in the premises and tell you the ways to deal with the problem. You can always seek professionals help, the Deluxe Duct Cleaning is a leading team of duct cleaners in Melbourne. So, if you’re looking for duct cleaning Melbourne, try us for the best results. Call on our numbers for bookings today.

How to Prevent Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor Air Pollution Melbourne

Air pollution in your home? Is that really possible? Yes, it is possible and most homeowners have been suffering from this unknowingly. Indoor air pollution can cause severe problems to your health can be life-threatening. Carbon Monoxide present in the air is one such type of pollution. Let us tell a surprising fact about it- no external factors have any contribution to the indoor air pollution, the main culprit is present in your home itself. But no need to worry, this can be controlled and prevented by keeping a check on several things inside your home.

Tips on Controlling and Preventing Air Pollution Inside Your Home

Here are some of the efficient tips that can help you control and prevent the indoor air pollution. Have a look and take a step ahead towards healthy lifestyle.

  • Regular Maintenance of Your Ducting System

    Places like bathrooms and kitchens in your home may cause leakage that leaves an excess amount of moisture in the air. This leakage makes the air around your home stale that cause bad odours, which is a major factor leading to indoor air pollution. To prevent this issue, there should be a proper air duct ventilation system. And if you already have the ventilation system it should be regularly maintained. A regular maintenance of your ducting system ensure the stale odours and polluted air is being exhausted out and bringing the fresh air inside.

    Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance
    Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Testing Air Quality

    Testing the quality of the air inside your home will tell you about the whether your home is under the effect of pollution or not. You make sure to test the quality of everything you use in everyday life, then why compromise on the air. By having the air quality of your home checked, you can detect the presence of poisonous gases like Carbon Monoxide and Radon inside your home. It’s important to call the professionals for testing the air quality inside your home. And yes, make sure to install carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Minimize the Chemical Use

    Cut or minimize the use of chemicals inside your home for the sake of your and your loved one’s health. Look for the content of the products while buying anything, and check for the chemical substitutes. Lesser the use of the chemical the safer you are inside your home.

  • Use Quality Air Filters

    Use air filters of good quality with Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 5 to 8 for your furnace. Besides protecting the furnace from the dirt, these filters capture all the particle and contaminants that may pollute the air circulated by your HVAC systems. Those normal fibreglass filters do no good to your home. So, it is important to install good quality air filters. Plus, it is also important to change the air filters every 3 months for the best prevention.

    Air Duct Cleaning Before and After
    Air Duct Cleaning Before and After
  • Bring Greenery Home

    For the cleaner and fresh air, it is recommended to bring indoor house plants in your home. They are known for improving the air quality by absorbing the harmful pollutants in the air. Peace Lily, Snake Plant, English Ivy, Spider Plant and Gerbera Daisy are some of the famous species you can keep inside your home.

Call Professionals For Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning plays a major part in improving the air quality of your home. And it is important to hire the professionals for the complete and guaranteed cleaning of ducts. The experts from Deluxe Duct Cleaning offer the top-notch results and clean your ducts to perfection using the best cleaning solutions and equipment. We are also ready to give same day duct cleaning services without charging extras.

Ducted Heating System
Ducted Heating System

How To Choose The Best Duct Cleaning Company

Duct Cleaning Company Melbourne

Are you looking for a reliable duct cleaning company to get your ducts cleaned? It could be a tough procedure if you don’t know how to go about it. Here we tell you a few simple questions to ask before hiring the right duct cleaning company for your precious ducts:

  1. What is your duct cleaning process?

    Every professional duct cleaner performs differently. And each company has its own duct cleaning process. National Air Duct Cleaners Association has laid down certain guidelines for replacing, cleaning, and replacing duct parts. So before hiring a duct company, you should understand how they operate and how do they attend to the service calls, and whether they adhere to the EPA guidelines. In addition to this, you should be aware of the kind of duct cleaning equipment they use. The company must have professional tools and not the portable ones.

    A thorough duct cleaning service requires a few hours so if someone says they will be done in an hour then that is a warning for you because detailed duct cleaning cannot be done in an hour.

  1. Are you a member of NADCA?

    You should never hire an uncertified duct cleaning company. A company that is a NADCA-certified is skilled enough to perform reliable duct cleaning. It means that the company has gone through necessary hours of industry training and is bound to conduct duct cleaning ethically with 100% customer satisfaction. The NADCA certification is a proof that the company provides a good & reliable duct cleaning service.

  1. Is your company insured?

    Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne
    Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    An insured duct cleaning company means that your money is in safe hands. So always ask them “Are you insured?”

  1. Why should I choose your company?

    This is an important question to ask any duct cleaning company before you hire them for your air ducted systems. A duct cleaning company must offer reliable, affordable, and professional duct cleaning service. And there should be testimonials to prove their claims. Therefore, you should check reviews on their website to see how their customers rate their duct cleaning services.

  1. Do you provide a free quotation?

    A certified duct cleaning company should be able to provide a free estimate for their services. This estimate also includes not just the price but also the estimated time required for duct cleaning. The best way is to get estimates from a few companies and compare prices & offers before choosing the one that suits you best.

  1. How much experience do you have in duct cleaning?

    Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning Melbourne
    Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Before you pick a duct cleaning company it is essential to ask how much experience they have in the cleaning industry. The experience of a company showcases how good they will be at their job. We, for instance, have been providing quality duct cleaning services successfully to residential and commercial ducts for more than 20 years now.

    Duct cleaning is the best solution to do away with allergens and bacteria from your homes and offices. It minimizes health problems at home and workplace by improving the indoor air quality in a drastic manner. We recommend getting your heating and cooling ducts cleaned at least once every year to keep your vents clean and the air you breathe healthy! Call us today for lowest priced residential and commercial duct cleaning services.

How To Hire The Best Duct Cleaning Service

Air duct cleaning services work to eliminating the dust, debris and also other potentiality harmful elements. These can not only spread harmful disease in your house but also be the reason of allergies and diseases. Hence, it is very important to clean your air duct system regularly to remove dust, allergens and all other pollutants. These contaminants get circulated in your loving home through your HVAC system. When it comes to choosing a perfect air duct cleaning service consider the following points before hiring them.

Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Service Melbourne

What to ask before hiring a duct cleaning company:

  • Enquire about their experience in the business and the industry:

 Before hiring an air duct cleaning services for your home you have to know about their experience and reputation. An experienced company can provide you a lasting or durable service. It can also give you a warranty period from their respective rules and regulations. In addition, you have to check their previous customer’s review which is a sign of long track record of satisfaction.

  • Ask whether they are eligible to provide insurance or warranty or not:

You should think about any damage or injury which are possible while cleaning HVAC system A professional air duct cleaning services will definitely provide you liability insurance with proof. Do not hire those companies who will not able to provide any liability proof.

  • Compare their price with the service they provide:

Some companies assure their customers to give whole house air duct cleaning in a cheap rate. But, then they perform a substandard or incomplete job. Don’t choose these cheap rated companies who will charge you for unnecessary work. Before hiring a air duct cleaning company you should ask for a proper estimate which is reasonable for you. You must obtain an agreement copy which is a proof of your advance payment. It also helps you keep a track of all costs and fees associated with the service. Before hiring an air duct cleaning company you should call at least 3-4 companies to compare the rates and services.

Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne
  • Enquire about the guidelines they follow in their procedure of work :

Before hiring an air duct cleaning service you must know about their guidelines which they allocated for their customers. A reputed or efficient company provides you a proper guideline from where you can know what to expect from a HVAC contractor. You can also ask for a meeting with company’s representative to be clear about their ethics and prospective ways.

  • Are the cleaning crew members your permanent employees or contract workers?:

Many air duct cleaning companies hire workers in contract basis. This is done to reduce the expense behind the legal procedures of human resource activities. Morever less popular companies of the cleaning industry rely upon these methods of recruitment. If the cleaning crew consists of permanent employees, then you can expect a better cleaning service. Permanent employees are properly trained and skilled. Contractual workers just have the field experience but not in a proper way.

All the above queries and a brief round of enquiry with the service provider can clarify the level of service they can provide. Also take help of local people and your neighbours to get reference of best air duct cleaning companies. Air ducts are not technically complex but their cleaning process must be efficient and complete. The health of your family and quality of your indoors are associated with clean air duct. Hence, keeping them neat and clean is essential.

Professional duct cleaning services:-

Professional Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne
Professional Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Now that you are aware about what to expect from a duct cleaning service, it’s time to hire one.  Deluxe Duct Cleaning is a leading company related to duct cleaning services. We have an expert staff which is not only talented but certified as well. We use latest equipment and tools to give your ducts a new look. Moreover, we pay special attention to quality. Customer satisfaction is our prime goal. We fit into the criteria of best company. It is for this reason that we have got positive feedbacks and reviews from customers.

Give us a call on 1300 440 825 to avail our services. We charge a very nominal fee. Moreover, we are available 24*7 throughout the year, even on weekends and public holidays. Give us a chance to impress you with our services. We not just clean your ducts but also sanitize it to make it 100% germ free. Say goodbye to dirty ducts by availing the best duct cleaning services in town.


When And Why Of Hvac Air Duct Cleaning

HVAC is the acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Everything is a part of  the HVAC denominator, from a central unit to the dual-block unit, and even air-conditioner. It is important to perform regular maintenance to keep your ducts . It is an important step to keep the HVAC system free of pollutants and debris as well as mildew and mold.

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning
HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

In a medium-size house,  there is about 40 pounds of dust accumulation each year by everyday life. Most of the dust remains suspended in the air, while the rest scatters on your furniture.It can even spread to floors and other objects throughout your home. The dust in the air is spread through a filter in your HVAC system.Moreover, the same air is redistributed a few times every day. The consequences of this is that over time, some contaminants develop in ducts. It may include dandruff, allergens, skin, dust, smoke, pollen, mold, chemicals, mildew, and bacteria. Even with the filter, the system always ends up getting dirty. Obviously, this results in health challenges that would have been averted if necessary attention was paid to the importance of adopting the HVAC duct cleaning technology.

Health Challenges

When these contaminants develop in your air duct Cleaning, they can begin to have negative effects on your health because they constantly recycle the contaminants with air.

We spend most of our time inside our home and the quality of the air we breathe must be healthy. It is usually unhealthy if there is accumulation of bacteria and dust inside your ducts. The air that we breathe in circulates through a network such as: air exchanger, fan, force air ventilation system. It is essential that the air conveyed is free from all dirt. Most of the dust accumulates in the return ducts.

When To Conduct HVAC Cleaning

The cleaning of ventilation ducts is suggested once every 5 years. There will be certain concerns when you have to change your central unit. The companies specialized in heating and air conditioning will all ask you without fault to have your ducts cleaned before the replacement of the new unit. There are also some factors that can vary the frequency of cleaning such as water damage, sanding before painting, pets, renovations, cigarette smell or fire. There is yet another clue if you do not know when was the last cleaning. Just look out for the condition of your filters and the accumulation of dust by the registers and vents of your ventilation ducts.

Vent and Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Vent and Duct Cleaning Melbourne

The consequences of a poorly maintained system can affect your health and that of your family. This may include headaches, fatigue, and irritation of the respiratory system. The use of the bactericide or fungicide when cleaning is suggested to clean the interior of your ventilation ducts. This will destroy all bacteria and spores in the case of mold.

The Right Person to Perform HVAC Cleaning

For cleaning work, it is important to choose a company that specializes in cleaning ventilation ducts. This will ensure your work done to the standards . It will also optimize the performance of your system while making the air you breathe healthy and free of bacteria.

The specialists will first carry out a visual inspection to determine the work to be done. The most efficient method in the industry is pulse, suction and friction cleaning with a higher power cube truck. The cleaning will comprise the central unit and all the associated ducts whether of flexible or galvanized type. You should also plan to clean your air exchanger if you have one.

A tip to choose a company that has good references and has existed for a long time, it will ensure a quality assurance!

Professional HVAC air duct cleaners:-

Residential Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Residential Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Taking the help of professionals is always a better choice. They not only have the right tools and equipment to carry on the process but also the necessary skills and expertise. If you are looking for best company to make your HVAC system neat and clean, then your wait ends here. Deluxe Duct Cleaning is an expert and leading company in duct cleaning services. We have years of experience and expertise. Moreover, we have been in this industry for a while and have a huge client base. We can solve all your duct related issues.

Give us a call on 1300 440 825 to make your HVAC system germfree. It will not only help in improving the quality of air but also help in improving the efficiency of your HVAC system. We are available 24*7 to cater to your needs. We also give you 100% quality assurance with satisfaction guarantee. Give us a chance to impress you with our services and we are sure you will definitely like it.

5 Top Symptoms Indicating You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Ducts need regular cleaning no matter whether you use it or not. NADCA and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend to get your heating and cooling ducts cleaned once every year. It is important to keep your ducts in running condition before their season arrives to ensure you stay warm and cozy all season through. Apart from this general guideline, there are numerous signs that say your duct needs professional cleaning. Here we list the top 5 symptoms that you must not ignore at any cost:

Unexpected Health Problems

Have you recently noticed increased and unexpected health problems among the inhabitants? These could include skin irritation, coughing, throat infection, sneezing, skin infection, breathing issues, asthma, or running nose. When you don’t get your ducted system cleaned for a long time then it accumulates bacteria, pollens, dust particles, molds, and fungus. All of these contaminants have the potential to cause serious problems especially if there are infants or elderly at home. Also, such a scenarios creates disturbance in the working atmosphere if the commercial duct is filled with pollutants.

Get your residential and commercial ducts cleaned regularly by our experts and stay healthy always!

Dirty Duct Grills

The duct grill is the riskiest place in your duct. It collects all sorts of bacteria, germs, and pollutants to make the air coming out the duct unhealthy. So when you get down to clean your duct grills then it is important to clean them from inside as well. Regular dusting is not sufficient to clean the duct grills. Therefore, if you have dirty duct grills then the air you breathe is super unhealthy and filled with unwanted contaminants. The best way to cure the problem is to hire professional specialists for duct cleaning!

Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Dirtier Than Ever Before

Do you find your home/office dirtier than ever before? Do you find your upholstery and carpet cleaning a tiresome job with least outcomes? Probably it is your dirty duct that is causing your upholstery/carpets to get dirty more often than ever. Dirty ducts throw dirty & unhealthy air that makes the indoor air unclean too.

Improper Duct Functioning

Debris and dirt collected inside the duct affects the heating/cooling capacity of the system. When the heat exchangers or condensing coils get clogged with dust and other contaminants, the duct’s efficiency reduces dramatically. With accumulated dust, the ventilation of air becomes difficult too thereby making the indoor air dirty.

Unbelievable Power Bills

Has your electricity bill increased unexpectedly recently? It may be because of the inefficient functioning of your air duct. When there is some kind of fault in your duct then it consumes more power than normal and causes a drastic increase in the bills as well. So if this is the case at your home/office then your duct definitely needs a professional cleaning.

If any of these symptoms are showing up at your home or office then it is time to get your ducts cleaned immediately. We provide 360-degree duct cleaning services at the lowest prices. Call us or Contact Us today for a friendly, affordable, and reliable duct cleaning service!

Keep Your Indoor Air Safe And Healthy With Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

The indoor air pollution is real and it is affecting the healthy life of many people. It is one of the growing concerns which must be tackled as soon as possible.

As per a research, indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 environmental dangers. In fact, the levels of contaminants in indoor air could be 70 times more than the outdoor air. This figure in itself explains why proper air duct cleaning is necessary.

Thus, if you do not hire air duct cleaning services at the right time, it reduces the air quality and causes pollution in your space. It is your responsibility to maintain a healthy atmosphere. You can do it by cleaning the ducts regularly.

What is air duct cleaning?

It is a process of cleaning a number of cooling and heating system components of an indoor heating or air conditioning system. The HVAC system comprises various components, including exchangers cooling and heating coils, ducts, registers, condensate drain pans, fan housing, motor, etc.

The professional duct cleaners check all these components to make a thorough check. In addition, they clean the whole ducting system to remove dirt, smoke, and other impurities. The air passes through a well-cleaned passage and it does not contain any harmful element to reduce the indoor air quality in your space.

How to know your air ducts are contaminated?

Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

There are many ways of recognizing how contaminated air ducts are. First, you should check the health conditions of people in your space. If somebody is facing skin allergies or illness, it can be because of contaminated ducts.

You can reach the air ducts and sneak inside it to have a look at your air ducts. The registers can get contaminated by dust and debris very quickly. It does not mean that the whole ducting system needs a cleanup.

However, if there are mold and dust accumulated in the duct, then you should search for the duct cleaning services to make it clean.

Who should you hire?

There are many air duct cleaning services. Choosing a right person to do this job at your premise would be quite daunting. Further, you should not let any newbie play with the expensive air conditioning or heating system installed in your property. Let’s find an expert, who is certified and well-trained to perform the duct cleaning job. Many agencies come with insurance and provide immediate compensation in case any component breaks in between.

Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

There is no need to hurry while looking for the duct cleaning services. Pick your laptop or smartphone and search online. Well-cleaned air ducts improve the indoor atmosphere and offer fresh air to enjoy the time. People inside your property will stay healthy and active because no air pollutants will affect their good health.

Talented and certified duct cleaning professionals like Deluxe Duct Cleaning do not an expensive fee for their support. Thus, you can choose from an affordable package and hire us to perform a thorough maintenance job.

Does Ducted Heating Cleaning Deliver the Results You Need?

Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne

There are many ways in trend for cleaning the air duct. The air duct which is in our house and in the commercial sites is prone for dust accumulation. Eventually, the accumulation of dust creates various problems, which in return affect the mankind. On the consideration of all the issues, experts insist the people go for the duct cleaning process at a regular interval of time. The cleaning process also involves various steps which have to be taken care of efficiently. In spite of taking all measures and spending more time in cleaning, you are not able to get satisfactory results.

Let us look at why we need to have servicing of our ducts at frequent intervals and how we can do it:-


  • Because mites, other pest, and bugs feed into the dust present in the duct and start to reproduce rapidly, spreading diseases and allergies.
  • The dust mixes with air since it is light weight and contaminates the air. This obviously disturbs our respiratory system when we inhale it.
  • This leads to any skin allergy and breathing disorder because of the insects which live in these ducts.
  • The accumulation of the ducts reduces its efficiency and makes the system to stop working.
  • The dust later develops some greasy substance which can easily catch fire and may lead to serious damages.

What is the step followed in the cleaning process?

Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Duct Cleaning MelbourneDuct Cleaning Melbourne
  • Installing high pressure vacuum is in trend to pull up the dust and the pest sticking to it.
  • Brushing or scrubbing over the walls of the ducts both inside and the outside layer.
  • Soapy water or some dirt removal solutions is being spread over the surface to completely remove the sticky particles.
  • Another round of vacuum to remove to dry the wet surface of the duct.
  • For more shine sprinkle bleaching powder or baking soda over the surface of the duct.

The process of cleaning the heating duct is not that simple. In fact, it is highly time-consuming. Since the length of the duct is high, it takes more time to remove all the dirt from the duct. Let us look at how people feel when the cleaning process is complete.

  • Survey says that after the cleaning process people feel that there is a reduction in amount of dust circulation in their surroundings.
  • Many see a reduction in allergies and better sleep.
  • Better functioning and less noise makes people happy.
  • Some feel that they could see a new duct after the cleaning process.

On seeing the satisfactory report from the people, experts say that duct cleaning must be preferred in more number live a germ frees life.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services:-

Duct cleaning services near you:-

Getting your ducts clean is your solution to a problem-free living. It also makes your air fresh and clean. Experts are able to clean even difficult to reach areas of your ducts.

Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Duct cleaning process can be tiring and wastes a lot of time. Even after cautiously carrying out the whole cleaning procedure, the parts have such a design that it gets difficult to get rid of all the dirt and germs that accumulates in your ducts. Hence, taking help from a professional is one of the effective and time saving ways. It makes your ducts super clean . There are many companies specializing in cleaning services, if you are looking for a reliable source then there’s no one as better as Deluxe Duct Cleaning. With advanced cleaning methodologies and quality assurance, it is one of the best companies for your duct cleaning needs. Just ducts, but their area of cleaning expertize is related to a variety of things such as carpets, mattresses, tiles, floor etc.

They use environmental friendly chemicals with natural fragrances that leave your home feeling fresh and scented. Say hello to a fresher air and get rid of all the germs scattered in your home due to dirty air ducts. Give them a call right away on their 1300 440 825 to avail their expert cleaning services now. Give your ducts the sanitizing treatment that can make them work more efficiently.

5 Ways Ducted Heating Cleaning Saves Energy

Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne

Did you know heating system cleaning saves nearly 50% on your electricity bills? Yes, you probably save lot more by cleaning your ducts on time.

Here are the 5 easy ways ducted heating cleaning saves energy

  1. Duct Cleaning Reduce humidity in home
  2. Improve duct air flow, running duct system it low might be more efficient than uncleaned central duct system on full.
  3. Remove dirt from coils and outlets improve efficiency hence lesser electricity bills
  4. Prolong life of your duct unit
  5. Prevent cracks in your duct system