Get Reliable Ducted Heating Cleaning in Melbourne

Get Reliable Ducted Heating Cleaning in Melbourne

Hire ducted heating cleaning services to maximize the life of the heating systems of your house. Generally, the life of most of the HAVAC systems installed inside houses is 10-15 years. However, with regular maintenance and cleaning, you can extend their life span can be extended for 3-5 years and even more.

Ducted Heating System maintenance is one of the easiest and best ways to keep your system running efficiently and optimally as possible. Deluxe Duct Cleaning is a leading duct cleaning services provider in Melbourne. Look upon us for more.

Enhance the Indoor Air Quality with Deluxe Duct Cleaning

Ducted Heating Cleaning not only increases the life of your HVAC systems but also enhances the quality of your indoor air. Duct cleaning frees your air from contaminants, pollens, dust and debris and other harmful allergic and disease causing microorganisms.

Accumulated dirt, debris and pet dander gets re-cycled in the air inside the rooms and causes damage to the electrical components of the heating systems. This might be one of the major causes of electric spark and ultimately fire. Getting the heating system cleaned is the best way to save money on furnace repairs or their re-installation. It also ensures that each component is in a good condition and is working to their maximum efficiency.

Forget the worries about the brand of furnace you have installed in your house because our in-house duct engineers are trained enough and can handle every major brand of HVAC systems. Just let our duct cleaning experts know the brand you are having and provide the warranty/guarantee papers along with it and they will take care of everything during their work and get your systems cleaned without hassle.

Deluxe Duct Cleaning Cleans All Types of Ducts

Duct cleaning experts of Deluxe Duct Cleaning have attained professional training and provide cleaning of almost all the types of ducts installed in the houses. Have a look:

Experts of Deluxe Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Experts of Deluxe Duct Cleaning Melbourne

  • Ducted Heater Cleaning.
  • Carbon Monoxide testing within and around the air ducts.
  • Ceiling Duct Cleaning.
  • Floor Ducted Heating Cleaning.
  • Sanitization of the heated air ducts to eliminate bacteria and fungi.
  • Duct filters repairs and cleaning with prior information to the customers.
  • Duct Mold Remediation.
  • Vented Duct Cleaning.
  • Ducted Heating and Cooling System installations.
  • Removal of breeding insects, reptiles, birds, rodents inside the heated air ducts.
  • If required we also offer emergency Duct Cleaning Services.

What is the Right Time to Clean Heat Ducts?

  • The experts of Deluxe Duct Cleaning suggest that you should get the heating system cleaned after every 2-3 years.
  • If your house is more prone to develop moisture, or there are any leakages, if your family members suffer from frequent allergic reactions, if you have got your house recently renovated or if you are having pets then there are chances that the heating ducts may get coated with layers of dust.
  • If you get late then there are chances that you may require replacement of filters.

    Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

    Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Cleaning of the heated ducts varies according to the condition of the house, for more expert advice make a call to Deluxe Duct Cleaning Services. We will arrive at your home and after a complete examination, we will offer you complete and an honest advice about the cleaning procedure, time of cleaning and cost related to it.

Perks of Having Heating Air Ducts Cleaned

You might not be aware of the fact that dirty air ducts are harmful and they should be cleaned. Here are some duct cleaning benefits that you should need to know so that you can pre-pone their cleaning appointments if for some reasons you have postponed it.

  • Cleaned air ducts ensure that you get clean and fresh air to breathe. Thus, it minimizes the chances of illness.
  • Cleaning the ducts removes the residing rodents, mice and the other creepy creatures that may create a hindrance to air flow.
  • Cleaning also removes the stale and offensive odors that get trapped within the ducts as well as the houses due to routine activities.
  • It also improves the efficiency of the heating systems thus cutting down the energy costs.
  • It also reduces the chances of fire that may be caused due to the buildup of dirt within the ducts that hampers electrical connections.
  • Your ducts also get repaired during the cleaning procedure
  • It also saves you from the extra expenditure of getting the duct filters replaced if they get very dirty or worn out to excess accumulation of debris.

Our Ducted Heating Cleaning Procedure

The experts of Deluxe Duct Cleaning Melbourne have designed a comprehensive technique for cleaning that is same for residential as well as commercial places. Go through our step by step procedure:

Best Duct Cleaning Procedure Melbourne

Best Duct Cleaning Procedure Melbourne

  • Our cleaners arrive at your home in suitable uniforms so that your home does not get dirty. They start the cleaning process by accessing the ducts, the amount of contamination they have and for the presence of any breeding insects.
  • Our duct cleaners in Melbourne then insert vacuum lines through the truck to the evaporative ducts keeping in mind that none of your furniture and floor gets scratched during the procedure.
  • Then duct cleaning tools are inserted into the main supply followed by their hooking.
  • The registers are then covered and power of the vacuum is concentrated in one particular area. The process helps in further removal of the contaminants.
  • After the whole debris is removed, the ducts are cleaned by means of compressed air.
  • For deeper cleaning, the cleaners use a powerful rotary brush. The cleaners also check the ducts for the presence of any faults and cracks. If some repair or replacement is required then our cleaners are equipped to handle that too only after prior information.
  • For more effective results, the cleaners sanitize the ducts.
  • For future cleaning purposes, all the access points are temporarily sealed.
  • After the cleaning process is over, the cleaners make a detailed report of all the things done during the process along with the invoice.
  • Lastly, they clean up all the mess that has been spread on the floor.

So, keep your heating ducts clean and breathe pollution free air by scheduling an appointment with the Deluxe Duct Cleaners.