Have You Ever Looked Inside Your Ducts?

We have all learned during our elementary education that air is a mixture of gases. This is true, but now air also contains dust and pollutants. Moreover, the air is also a carrier of dust, allergens, pathogens and not to forget the novel coronavirus. The dirt and growth of mould or pests chock our ducts and vents which results in poor flow of air and causes disruption in heating and cooling. Well, if you look inside your duct, you would find nothing except dust, a lot of dust and that too black dust. If you swipe your finger inside the ducts, you can find out the exact shade of the black dust. 

Duct Cleaning Service

During the offseason, the dust overlays at the inside surface of ducts. Slowly, this dust gets more stubborn. To clean this completely, you require a professional’s help. Duct cleaning is required after a home renovation. Here, we will tell you when you should call the professional and how you can prevent your ducts from getting dirty.

To Begin With Your Need…

  • A flashlight
  • Flash camera
  • Screwdriver
  • Patience

Open The Vent:- Hold the screwdriver and hook it on the screw, rotate your wrist clockwise and unscrew all 4 screws. Now, hold the vent and gently pull the vent cover to look inside the duct. First, clean the vent using a blower, vacuum cleaner or broom, otherwise, the dust and debris would come into your way.

Clean The Vent Filter:- Having a filter over the vent is a good idea, some property owners install HEPA filters for clean and neat circulation of air throughout the area. If you see the filters are heavily dirty, you can replace them. However, if the filter is partially dirty, you can clean and reuse it. Cleaning the filter is easy, first remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner. Then, clean it with soap and running water. At the time of reinstalling make sure it is dry, you can dry it under a fan or direct sunlight.

Look Into the Vent:- Hold the flashlight and see through the vent, usually, the duct’s indoor surface is covered with a thick layer of dust. Run your finger on the surface, if there is cotton-like black dust, you need to call professionals. If the dust is not that much, you can clean it by yourself using a vacuum cleaner or cloth. You can also find moulds and pests inside your air ducts if they have not been used for a long time. 

How Will Professionals Clean The Ducts?

Professionals Clean The Ducts

Professionals own the right kind of tools and equipment. Using their expertise and tools they can easily clean the ducts. At Deluxe Duct Cleaning Melbourne, our duct cleaning services are the best in class, we offer complete duct cleaning services. In the service, we remove dust, debris, and insects from the ducts and after that sanitizes the ducts. So that our customers breathe clean air. To know more about our professional air duct cleaning service, do reach out to us.