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How Do I Know That My Air Ducts Are Clean?

It is highly important to take care of our ducts as they have the responsibility of taking care of air flow throughout our homes. Proper maintenance of air ducts is required to make sure that they function well and provide fresh breathable air round the clock. It is very easy to determine that your air ducts are dirty or not. Simply open your air vent covers and look for debris and dust around the walls and floor of the duct. Ducts are also prone to the infestation of mould. Mould is a fungus that appears as a black layer sticking to the walls of ducts. If you happen to witness dirt or mould than its highly advisable that you go for duct dirt removal and duct mould removal. Professional duct cleaners can help you out in examining the extent of dirtiness in the ducts and get them cleaned thoroughly. Also, they can help you out in getting rid of any sign of mould infestation from your ducts by utilizing strong anti-mould chemicals and providing duct sanitization and duct decontamination as well. Follow this simple article to know more about the signs and indication for knowing that your ducts are dirty and require full cleaning.

Air Ducts Cleaning
Air Ducts Cleaning

How To Check If Your Ducts are Dirty and Unhygienic:

    • First off by simply looking for the amount of debris and dust present in the ducts will help you access the amount of cleaning your ducts require. You can also check the registers and air vent covers for sticky mud or clogginess, you can easily wash them with a wet clothe rinsed in detergent.
    • Examine the heater carefully and look at the heat exchanger surface, it should always be clear and clean. Make sure that the blower blades are free of dust and oil and the blower compartment should be free of dust as well.
    • Look for signs of dust and mud sticking to the coils of your air conditioner. The coil fins should be evenly spaced and must not have any bends and curves. The draining pan of the coil should be draining properly and no sign of water leakage or dust should be seen.
  • Check the plenums of your HVAC system if it shows the signs of forced air. Filters should be properly fitted and check supply air plenum for moisture, stains and any contamination. The return air plenum should always be free of dust and debris.

How To Take Care Of Your Ducts;

    • Get your air filters changed on a regular basis
    • Make sure all the vents have proper filters.
    • Vacuum Clean your home regularly.
    • Use a humidifier or dehumidifier if needed
    • Keep the cooling coils of the air conditioner in check
  • See if ducts are properly sealed or not

    Professional Duct Cleaning Services
    Professional Duct Cleaning Services

Hiring Deluxe Duct Cleaning, Australia

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