Layman Guide For Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is cleaning of all the components of the HVAC system including air ducts, fan motor, housing unit, registers, air filters, and so on. If the entire system is not cleaned, it will lead to contamination, thus reducing the efficiency of both the system and the cleaning process. To know more about air duct cleaning, its benefits, cleaning methods, etc., keep reading:

Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning

Components Involved In Air Duct Cleaning

According to NADCA, the parts of the HVAC system that require cleaning include air ducts, evaporator coil, air handling unit, filter, blower, fan, tubes, coils, motor, and registers. So, if the air ducts of the heating, ventilation or cooling system have become greasy, cleaning is recommended for the rest of the parts as well, to ensure the proper functioning of the entire system.

Cleaning Methods Of Air Duct Cleaning

The cleaning of the HVAC system is executed in a series of steps. These steps are:

  • Loosening The Contaminants: 

    HVAC cleaning starts with loosening the contaminants that have accumulated on the surface of the HVAC system. Various agitation devices are employed to break the impurities such as scraps, air nozzles, brushes, vacuums, etc. The main purpose of the initial stage of air duct cleaning is to break down the contaminants so they can be flushed easily. This stage may require the use of chemicals to loosen the contaminants. 
  • Accumulating The Contaminants: 

    During this stage, the fine contaminants held by the HVAC system are extracted with the help of pressure. A suitable duct cleaning equipment applies the pressure generally with the help of hot water to accumulate the impurities.
  • Preventing Microbial Contamination:

    This stage will include the application of chemicals like decontaminators to the nonporous surfaces to prevent bacterial contamination. 

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

The major benefits of cleaning the HVAC system include:

  • Better Indoor Air Quality:

    The HVAC system extracts the contaminants from the surrounding and re-circulates them during their operation. These impurities are sent back in the surrounding air. Local duct cleaning purifies the air by evicting the contaminants present in it.
  • Keeps HVAC Components in Check:

    The HVAC system cleaning will keep all the components in check by detecting any faults like cracks, leaks, damaged parts, etc. Regular examining will also prevent corrosion of the components and eventually costs required to replace them.
  • Improved Life Expectancy Of HVAC System: 

    Proper air duct cleaning and maintenance services will prevent the failure of the HVAC system. This will automatically increase its life expectancy.
Best Duct Cleaning Service
Best Duct Cleaning Service

Scheduling of Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning services of the HVAC system are recommended at least twice a year. However, that also depends on the heating/ventilation/conditioning system involved. Also, there are certain general considerations that call for immediate cleaning including visibility of contamination, unhealthy residents, and unpleasant odours in the surrounding.

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