Learn The Right Way To Repair Cooling And Heating Ducts


Poorly sealed or unsealed ducts is one of the major reasons that can lead to significant loss of energy efficiency of the system. Due to harder operation of heating and cooling ducts that goes for a longer time, it leads to consumption of more power that results in higher utility bills. Both these effects can cause havoc for a householder.

Before your HVAC system becomes completely inefficient, it is important to call a duct repair professional to get them wrapped with insulation around ductwork. This helps in stopping leakage of air and reduce unwanted energy expense too. Sealed ducts last for a longer time than the ones that are not sealed. So, it is important to get your ducts sealed by following a series of steps in repairing and sealing a ductwork. 

Duct Repair Service
Duct Repair Service

Clean Duct Surface

You need a clean cloth to wipe all the dirt and dust that has deposited on the surface of the ductwork. If you find any grease or oily film to cover the duct, then it is advised to wipe clean the area using a damp cloth.

Coat It With Duct Mastic 

Experienced installer believes duct mastic to be highly effective than an ordinary adhesive tape. Not just it provides faster application, but also doesn’t lose its grip like an ordinary tape. Duct mastic seals an area better and its effect lasts for a longer time as compared to an ordinary tape. Load a paint brush with duct mastic. So, you need to coat the complete area of the joint with a constant layer of mastic. 

Use the end region of the paint brush to apply mastic into the joint region of the duct. Now spread duct mastic on a minimum of 1 inch on each of these sides of the joint. Apply a thick layer of duct mastic to hide the metallic surface of your duct. A layer of duct mastic of a thickness of 1/16 of an inch is appropriate.

Wrap Ducts Using a Good Insulation

It is important to get their ducts installed by insulation using a wet mastic. Maintain a precaution, to not shift the duct a lot as it can damage the mastic seal. All Duct Repair Work in Melbourne has to be performed before the application of mastic.

When Does a Caulking Gun Performed Best?

Sometimes when you spread a duct mastic using a brush doesn’t offer efficient control over application of duct mastic. When it comes to wasted mastic and its appearance, a caulking gun gives the best performance. 

Fiberglass Reinforcing Membrane

A fiberglass reinforcing membrane is designed for use with mastics. It not just helps in reinforcing the mastic where the leak is more than 1/4 inch. If membrane is sticky, then Apply it all above the cleaned surface of the metal, and then properly apply the duct mastic. 

If the membrane is not sticky, then apply a thin mastic layer first, and then put the membrane inside this thin mastic layer. Now cover it with another mastic layer over it to effectively cover the membrane.

Expert Duct Repair
Expert Duct Repair

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