Reduce Home Fire Risk with Professional Dryer Duct Cleaning

Reports say, that a large number of fire accidents occur because of lint buildup in dryer ducts. The main cause is lack of maintenance from the part of the owner. Due to carelessness it may be possible to cause fire hazards .This is because, lint buildup blocks the air flow from dryer to outdoor vent. The result is tremendous heat which can lead to fire.  Moreover, it can also reduce the overall efficiency of the whole cleaning process. For Dryer Duct Cleaning, it is advisable to contact professional for reliable duct cleaning services to reduce the fire risk at home.


Following are some steps through which professional reduce home fire risk: –

  • Check the connections and exhaust through which the warm air is blown.
  • Check the security of the vent pipes before using.
  • Properly clean the lint filter before using the dryer by loading garments.
  • Use high-quality equipment or brush for cleaning the dryer duct.
  • Disconnect the machine properly after use and follow the maintenance procedure.
  • Thoroughly checkup the interior portion of the dryer duct on regular basis.

How to Clean the Dryer Duct:

  • By cleaning the lint screen: – After using the dryer, people forget to clean the lint screen, which is the main hub of catching fire quickly. Therefore, if Professional does it for you. They properly clean the lint screen. This removes all cleaning residue from it.
  • Properly check the vent hose pipe: – professional always check the vent hose pipe properly. If there is any damage in the pipe, immediately they rectify it. If they find that you have plastic pipe they immediately replace it with an aluminum pipe. This is because plastics catch fire easily and quickly. This is due to the fact that plastic is a bad conductor of heat and electricity.
  • By cleaning the dryer: – After cleaning the lint screen and checking the hose pipe you also need to clean the dryer also by opening it properly. If you feel any doubt in doing this then consult with some professional so that your dryer works properly.
  • Properly check the gas line: – While using the dryer, professional always properly check the gas line. This is essential especially if you are using the dryer which operates with gas. The professionals know the proper line through which the dryer uses the gas. Hence, they are well aware about how to reduce fire risk.

The most important things in using the dryer duct are to follow the rules and regulation properly. Always disconnect the machine after use and properly clean every part of the machine by keeping the security procedure in mind. Always take a help of professionals if you are facing any doubt in maintaining or cleaning the Dryer. Professionals take care of the duct while cleaning and this prevents damage to your duct. Hiring a professional who can provide residential duct cleaning services and duct unit servicing also prevents accidents and mishaps, which can occur if you try to do the cleaning.

Professional Dryer Duct cleaning:-

No matter how hard you try, achieving 100% lint free dryer ducts can be a strenuous task. Moreover, you might not have the right equipment and brushes to carry on the procedure efficiently. Hence, it is always better to take the help of a professional who knows the cleaning procedure well.

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