Steps For Preventing Air Pollution Inside The Home

It is important to know that the air inside your homes can be more polluted than the air outside. Air ducts and vents play a very important role in the removal of impure air and letting pure air in.

The most common source of indoor air pollution is carbon monoxide build-up. To maintain the overall indoor air quality and prevention of co buildup, one must follow the routine cleaning of the air ducts. You use vacuum cleaners with an extendable hose to deep clean the air ducts. 

Steps For Preventing Air Pollution Inside The Home

Long air vent brushes can also help in cleaning the dirt settled within the ducts. Professional duct cleaners can also help in the removal of carbon monoxide from the air ducts as well. In the meantime, you can follow some steps and instructions to prevent air pollution inside your homes.

Steps For Air Pollution Prevention

  • Step 1: Duct Cleaning and Maintenance – Air ducts can trap heavy amounts of dust, dirt and debris and this dust can further deteriorate the indoor air quality. Air duct cleaning is essential in maintaining proper airflow and exchange of gases. Clean and well-maintained ducts will help in removing polluted air from the premises. Moisture levels can also pose the risk of mould formation inside the air ducts. Get your air ducts vacuum cleaned from time to time to keep the dirt and moisture in check.
    Ducts contain a lot of dirt and dust and we should always check the moisture level in our 
  • Step 2: Air Quality Test – People always ensure that the food they eat is approved and tested. So what about the air you breathe in your homes. It is suggested that you hire professional technicians to measure the air pollution index in your homes. You can also buy and install carbon monoxide detection kits to detect co buildup and production.
  • Step 3: Use of Chemicals – Various floor cleaners and cleaning solutions can contain harmful and toxic chemical compounds. You must read the content and instructions mentioned on the product label before you use it. Most of the insecticides and pesticides available in the market can contain dangerous chemical compounds. Restrict the use of harmful chemical products inside your homes and go for an eco-friendly way of cleaning the house. Paint inside your homes should be tested and approved by the authorities and must not contain harmful chemicals or pollutants.
  • Step 4: Air Filters and Air Cleaners – Make sure you install high quality and high rated air filters and air cleaners. Air filters help in the prevention of dirt build-up and can further help in keeping the air ducts clean. Buy the air filters that suit your needs and problems and always go for a high gradient air filter.
  • Step 5: Greenery and Plants – Greenery is the best way of preventing air pollution inside. You may need to install and grow various plants inside your homes. Keeping your home green is a perfect way to prevent air pollution. also, plants will further clean the air and produce oxygen that will boost your lung health

Professional Assistance

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