5 Top Symptoms Indicating You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Ducts need regular cleaning no matter whether you use it or not. NADCA and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend to get your heating and cooling ducts cleaned once every year. It is important to keep your ducts in running condition before their season arrives to ensure you stay warm and cozy all season through. Apart from this general guideline, there are numerous signs that say your duct needs professional cleaning. Here we list the top 5 symptoms that you must not ignore at any cost:

Unexpected Health Problems

Have you recently noticed increased and unexpected health problems among the inhabitants? These could include skin irritation, coughing, throat infection, sneezing, skin infection, breathing issues, asthma, or running nose. When you don’t get your ducted system cleaned for a long time then it accumulates bacteria, pollens, dust particles, molds, and fungus. All of these contaminants have the potential to cause serious problems especially if there are infants or elderly at home. Also, such a scenarios creates disturbance in the working atmosphere if the commercial duct is filled with pollutants.

Get your residential and commercial ducts cleaned regularly by our experts and stay healthy always!

Dirty Duct Grills

The duct grill is the riskiest place in your duct. It collects all sorts of bacteria, germs, and pollutants to make the air coming out the duct unhealthy. So when you get down to clean your duct grills then it is important to clean them from inside as well. Regular dusting is not sufficient to clean the duct grills. Therefore, if you have dirty duct grills then the air you breathe is super unhealthy and filled with unwanted contaminants. The best way to cure the problem is to hire professional specialists for duct cleaning!

Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Dirtier Than Ever Before

Do you find your home/office dirtier than ever before? Do you find your upholstery and carpet cleaning a tiresome job with least outcomes? Probably it is your dirty duct that is causing your upholstery/carpets to get dirty more often than ever. Dirty ducts throw dirty & unhealthy air that makes the indoor air unclean too.

Improper Duct Functioning

Debris and dirt collected inside the duct affects the heating/cooling capacity of the system. When the heat exchangers or condensing coils get clogged with dust and other contaminants, the duct’s efficiency reduces dramatically. With accumulated dust, the ventilation of air becomes difficult too thereby making the indoor air dirty.

Unbelievable Power Bills

Has your electricity bill increased unexpectedly recently? It may be because of the inefficient functioning of your air duct. When there is some kind of fault in your duct then it consumes more power than normal and causes a drastic increase in the bills as well. So if this is the case at your home/office then your duct definitely needs a professional cleaning.

If any of these symptoms are showing up at your home or office then it is time to get your ducts cleaned immediately. We provide 360-degree duct cleaning services at the lowest prices. Call us or Contact Us today for a friendly, affordable, and reliable duct cleaning service!

Does Ducted Heating Cleaning Deliver the Results You Need?

Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne

There are many ways in trend for cleaning the air duct. The air duct which is in our house and in the commercial sites is prone for dust accumulation. Eventually, the accumulation of dust creates various problems, which in return affect the mankind. On the consideration of all the issues, experts insist the people go for the duct cleaning process at a regular interval of time. The cleaning process also involves various steps which have to be taken care of efficiently. In spite of taking all measures and spending more time in cleaning, you are not able to get satisfactory results.

Let us look at why we need to have servicing of our ducts at frequent intervals and how we can do it:-


  • Because mites, other pest, and bugs feed into the dust present in the duct and start to reproduce rapidly, spreading diseases and allergies.
  • The dust mixes with air since it is light weight and contaminates the air. This obviously disturbs our respiratory system when we inhale it.
  • This leads to any skin allergy and breathing disorder because of the insects which live in these ducts.
  • The accumulation of the ducts reduces its efficiency and makes the system to stop working.
  • The dust later develops some greasy substance which can easily catch fire and may lead to serious damages.

What is the step followed in the cleaning process?

Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Duct Cleaning MelbourneDuct Cleaning Melbourne
  • Installing high pressure vacuum is in trend to pull up the dust and the pest sticking to it.
  • Brushing or scrubbing over the walls of the ducts both inside and the outside layer.
  • Soapy water or some dirt removal solutions is being spread over the surface to completely remove the sticky particles.
  • Another round of vacuum to remove to dry the wet surface of the duct.
  • For more shine sprinkle bleaching powder or baking soda over the surface of the duct.

The process of cleaning the heating duct is not that simple. In fact, it is highly time-consuming. Since the length of the duct is high, it takes more time to remove all the dirt from the duct. Let us look at how people feel when the cleaning process is complete.

  • Survey says that after the cleaning process people feel that there is a reduction in amount of dust circulation in their surroundings.
  • Many see a reduction in allergies and better sleep.
  • Better functioning and less noise makes people happy.
  • Some feel that they could see a new duct after the cleaning process.

On seeing the satisfactory report from the people, experts say that duct cleaning must be preferred in more number live a germ frees life.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services:-

Duct cleaning services near you:-

Getting your ducts clean is your solution to a problem-free living. It also makes your air fresh and clean. Experts are able to clean even difficult to reach areas of your ducts.

Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Duct cleaning process can be tiring and wastes a lot of time. Even after cautiously carrying out the whole cleaning procedure, the parts have such a design that it gets difficult to get rid of all the dirt and germs that accumulates in your ducts. Hence, taking help from a professional is one of the effective and time saving ways. It makes your ducts super clean . There are many companies specializing in cleaning services, if you are looking for a reliable source then there’s no one as better as Deluxe Duct Cleaning. With advanced cleaning methodologies and quality assurance, it is one of the best companies for your duct cleaning needs. Just ducts, but their area of cleaning expertize is related to a variety of things such as carpets, mattresses, tiles, floor etc.

They use environmental friendly chemicals with natural fragrances that leave your home feeling fresh and scented. Say hello to a fresher air and get rid of all the germs scattered in your home due to dirty air ducts. Give them a call right away on their 1300 440 825 to avail their expert cleaning services now. Give your ducts the sanitizing treatment that can make them work more efficiently.