How Do I Know That My Air Ducts Are Clean?

It is highly important to take care of our ducts as they have the responsibility of taking care of air flow throughout our homes. Proper maintenance of air ducts is required to make sure that they function well and provide fresh breathable air round the clock. It is very easy to determine that your air ducts are dirty or not. Simply open your air vent covers and look for debris and dust around the walls and floor of the duct. Ducts are also prone to the infestation of mould. Mould is a fungus that appears as a black layer sticking to the walls of ducts. If you happen to witness dirt or mould than its highly advisable that you go for duct dirt removal and duct mould removal. Professional duct cleaners can help you out in examining the extent of dirtiness in the ducts and get them cleaned thoroughly. Also, they can help you out in getting rid of any sign of mould infestation from your ducts by utilizing strong anti-mould chemicals and providing duct sanitization and duct decontamination as well. Follow this simple article to know more about the signs and indication for knowing that your ducts are dirty and require full cleaning.

How To Check If Your Ducts are Dirty and Unhygienic:

  • First off by simply looking for the amount of debris and dust present in the ducts will help you access the amount of cleaning your ducts require. You can also check the registers and air vent covers for sticky mud or clogginess, you can easily wash them with a wet clothe rinsed in detergent.
  • Examine the heater carefully and look at the heat exchanger surface, it should always be clear and clean. Make sure that the blower blades are free of dust and oil and the blower compartment should be free of dust as well.
  • Look for signs of dust and mud sticking to the coils of your air conditioner. The coil fins should be evenly spaced and must not have any bends and curves. The draining pan of the coil should be draining properly and no sign of water leakage or dust should be seen.
  • Check the plenums of your HVAC system if it shows the signs of forced air. Filters should be properly fitted and check supply air plenum for moisture, stains and any contamination. The return air plenum should always be free of dust and debris.jhhh

How To Take Care Of Your Ducts;

  • Get your air filters changed on a regular basis
  • Make sure all the vents have proper filters.
  • Vacuum Clean your home regularly.
  • Use a humidifier or dehumidifier if needed
  • Keep the cooling coils of the air conditioner in check
  • See if ducts are properly sealed or not

Hiring Deluxe Duct Cleaning, Australia

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Is Duct Cleaning Required After Home Renovation?

Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

An air duct is one of the most important as well as sensitive part of our building infrastructure. It forms the pathway of removal of dust and particles from your indoor. It also helps the HVAC Systems to regulate the temperature of your room or cabin. Be it home or office, HVAC Systems are now one of the essential needs. These systems ensure proper heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning of your indoor premises. The duct is the most sensible unit of these systems. Ducts can attract dust dirt and pollutants easily as it absorbs it from the indoor air.


As duct is an important and integral part of the HVAC Systems. Hence, maintaining them well is utmost important. We generally go for minor construction works and renovation tasks at the time of need. Renovation tasks involve repair and sealing of cracks and fissures and reconstruction of damage parts. Polishing of tiles and marbles and coloring of walls primarily are also a major part of renovating a house. All these tasks liberate too much amount of dust and fumes. These dust and fuming particles can give your duct a tough time. So before the renovation, you must ensure the following few precautionary parameters –

  • Seal the vents, registers and other outlets of the duct tightly.
  • Cover the parts like the exhaust section, temperature regulation parts and the grills and filter with dust-proof and waterproof covers.
  • Switch the HVAC System off from the main circuit breaker.
  • Prevent entry of any sort of fluid and liquid inside the duct.

However, whatever precaution you take, renovation is a very rigorous process. You simply cannot avoid the dust and particles to penetrate your duct by any means.Remodeling cabinets after ripping it off, resealing and polishing floors are the main source of dust. Installation of underground electrical wiring or drywall’s is also common source of nuisance dust and debris. Hence, you need help of agencies providing reliable duct cleaning services and duct unit servicing after your renovation is over.

An HVAC Systems ensure better air quality and temperature regulation to your indoors. Hence, to facilitate this, you must have clean air duct. Dirty air duct reduces the efficiency of the HVAC Systems. The main reasons to get your duct after renovation using reliable duct cleaning services are –

  • It will remove all the dust and debris collected in your duct due to the renovation tasks.
  • You can receive repair and duct unit servicing services on hiring professionals. Repairs require a professional approach.
  • Outer walls of the duct may be distorted or tampered during rigorous renovation works. By hiring professional and reliable duct cleaning services you can get those distortions mended.
  • Most importantly, after the tiresome monitoring tasks during a renovation, you can sit back and watch your duct getting a clean look without any harassment.

If you do not clean your duct after renovation, following indications may haunt you –

  • Quality of air of your interiors will be hampered.
  • You can experience unpleasant smell in the air. This is due to excessive accumulation of dust and debris.
  • Your HVAC System will lose its general efficiency. This will result in a high increase in electricity bills.
  • Symptoms of allergies, cold and flu and infections will be seen in your family members. You or your family members can feel stuffiness or congestion too.

Professional Duct Cleaning Service, Melbourne:-

Your conduits will stay perfect and clean constantly. Thus, you will have the capacity to take in a fresher air. You will have the capacity to keep your pipes in great frame. Your pipes will have a long life. There will be general upkeep. In the event that you are searching for a dependable source in Melbourne, at that point Deluxe Duct Cleaning is a specialist with numerous times of involvement. They can give your channels an entire makeover. The outcome will be fresher air and an unwinding situation for your home.

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Call them now and contract a specialist to get your channels clean without squandering a lot of your chance. You can even approach them for master tips to keep up your pipes productively.