When And Why Of Hvac Air Duct Cleaning

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

HVAC is the acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Everything is a part of  the HVAC denominator, from a central unit to the dual-block unit, and even air-conditioner. It is important to perform regular maintenance to keep your ducts . It is an important step to keep the HVAC system free of pollutants and debris as well as mildew and mold.

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning
HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

In a medium-size house,  there is about 40 pounds of dust accumulation each year by everyday life. Most of the dust remains suspended in the air, while the rest scatters on your furniture.It can even spread to floors and other objects throughout your home. The dust in the air is spread through a filter in your HVAC system.Moreover, the same air is redistributed a few times every day. The consequences of this is that over time, some contaminants develop in ducts. It may include dandruff, allergens, skin, dust, smoke, pollen, mold, chemicals, mildew, and bacteria. Even with the filter, the system always ends up getting dirty. Obviously, this results in health challenges that would have been averted if necessary attention was paid to the importance of adopting the HVAC duct cleaning technology.

Health Challenges

When these contaminants develop in your air duct Cleaning, they can begin to have negative effects on your health because they constantly recycle the contaminants with air.

We spend most of our time inside our home and the quality of the air we breathe must be healthy. It is usually unhealthy if there is accumulation of bacteria and dust inside your ducts. The air that we breathe in circulates through a network such as: air exchanger, fan, force air ventilation system. It is essential that the air conveyed is free from all dirt. Most of the dust accumulates in the return ducts.

When To Conduct HVAC Cleaning

The cleaning of ventilation ducts is suggested once every 5 years. There will be certain concerns when you have to change your central unit. The companies specialized in heating and air conditioning will all ask you without fault to have your ducts cleaned before the replacement of the new unit. There are also some factors that can vary the frequency of cleaning such as water damage, sanding before painting, pets, renovations, cigarette smell or fire. There is yet another clue if you do not know when was the last cleaning. Just look out for the condition of your filters and the accumulation of dust by the registers and vents of your ventilation ducts.

Vent and Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Vent and Duct Cleaning Melbourne

The consequences of a poorly maintained system can affect your health and that of your family. This may include headaches, fatigue, and irritation of the respiratory system. The use of the bactericide or fungicide when cleaning is suggested to clean the interior of your ventilation ducts. This will destroy all bacteria and spores in the case of mold.

The Right Person to Perform HVAC Cleaning

For cleaning work, it is important to choose a company that specializes in cleaning ventilation ducts. This will ensure your work done to the standards . It will also optimize the performance of your system while making the air you breathe healthy and free of bacteria.

The specialists will first carry out a visual inspection to determine the work to be done. The most efficient method in the industry is pulse, suction and friction cleaning with a higher power cube truck. The cleaning will comprise the central unit and all the associated ducts whether of flexible or galvanized type. You should also plan to clean your air exchanger if you have one.

A tip to choose a company that has good references and has existed for a long time, it will ensure a quality assurance!

Professional HVAC air duct cleaners:-

Residential Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Residential Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Taking the help of professionals is always a better choice. They not only have the right tools and equipment to carry on the process but also the necessary skills and expertise. If you are looking for best company to make your HVAC system neat and clean, then your wait ends here. Deluxe Duct Cleaning is an expert and leading company in duct cleaning services. We have years of experience and expertise. Moreover, we have been in this industry for a while and have a huge client base. We can solve all your duct related issues.

Give us a call on 1300 440 825 to make your HVAC system germfree. It will not only help in improving the quality of air but also help in improving the efficiency of your HVAC system. We are available 24*7 to cater to your needs. We also give you 100% quality assurance with satisfaction guarantee. Give us a chance to impress you with our services and we are sure you will definitely like it.

5 Top Symptoms Indicating You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Ducts need regular cleaning no matter whether you use it or not. NADCA and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend to get your heating and cooling ducts cleaned once every year. It is important to keep your ducts in running condition before their season arrives to ensure you stay warm and cozy all season through. Apart from this general guideline, there are numerous signs that say your duct needs professional cleaning. Here we list the top 5 symptoms that you must not ignore at any cost:

Unexpected Health Problems

Have you recently noticed increased and unexpected health problems among the inhabitants? These could include skin irritation, coughing, throat infection, sneezing, skin infection, breathing issues, asthma, or running nose. When you don’t get your ducted system cleaned for a long time then it accumulates bacteria, pollens, dust particles, molds, and fungus. All of these contaminants have the potential to cause serious problems especially if there are infants or elderly at home. Also, such a scenarios creates disturbance in the working atmosphere if the commercial duct is filled with pollutants.

Get your residential and commercial ducts cleaned regularly by our experts and stay healthy always!

Dirty Duct Grills

The duct grill is the riskiest place in your duct. It collects all sorts of bacteria, germs, and pollutants to make the air coming out the duct unhealthy. So when you get down to clean your duct grills then it is important to clean them from inside as well. Regular dusting is not sufficient to clean the duct grills. Therefore, if you have dirty duct grills then the air you breathe is super unhealthy and filled with unwanted contaminants. The best way to cure the problem is to hire professional specialists for duct cleaning!

Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Dirtier Than Ever Before

Do you find your home/office dirtier than ever before? Do you find your upholstery and carpet cleaning a tiresome job with least outcomes? Probably it is your dirty duct that is causing your upholstery/carpets to get dirty more often than ever. Dirty ducts throw dirty & unhealthy air that makes the indoor air unclean too.

Improper Duct Functioning

Debris and dirt collected inside the duct affects the heating/cooling capacity of the system. When the heat exchangers or condensing coils get clogged with dust and other contaminants, the duct’s efficiency reduces dramatically. With accumulated dust, the ventilation of air becomes difficult too thereby making the indoor air dirty.

Unbelievable Power Bills

Has your electricity bill increased unexpectedly recently? It may be because of the inefficient functioning of your air duct. When there is some kind of fault in your duct then it consumes more power than normal and causes a drastic increase in the bills as well. So if this is the case at your home/office then your duct definitely needs a professional cleaning.

If any of these symptoms are showing up at your home or office then it is time to get your ducts cleaned immediately. We provide 360-degree duct cleaning services at the lowest prices. Call us or Contact Us today for a friendly, affordable, and reliable duct cleaning service!

Reduce Home Fire Risk with Professional Dryer Duct Cleaning

Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning Melbourne

Reports say, that a large number of fire accidents occur because of lint buildup in dryer ducts. The main cause is lack of maintenance from the part of the owner. Due to carelessness it may be possible to cause fire hazards .This is because, lint buildup blocks the air flow from dryer to outdoor vent. The result is tremendous heat which can lead to fire.  Moreover, it can also reduce the overall efficiency of the whole cleaning process. For Dryer Duct Cleaning, it is advisable to contact professional for reliable duct cleaning services to reduce the fire risk at home.


Following are some steps through which professional reduce home fire risk: –

  • Check the connections and exhaust through which the warm air is blown.
  • Check the security of the vent pipes before using.
  • Properly clean the lint filter before using the dryer by loading garments.
  • Use high-quality equipment or brush for cleaning the dryer duct.
  • Disconnect the machine properly after use and follow the maintenance procedure.
  • Thoroughly checkup the interior portion of the dryer duct on regular basis.

How to Clean the Dryer Duct:

  • By cleaning the lint screen: – After using the dryer, people forget to clean the lint screen, which is the main hub of catching fire quickly. Therefore, if Professional does it for you. They properly clean the lint screen. This removes all cleaning residue from it.
  • Properly check the vent hose pipe: – professional always check the vent hose pipe properly. If there is any damage in the pipe, immediately they rectify it. If they find that you have plastic pipe they immediately replace it with an aluminum pipe. This is because plastics catch fire easily and quickly. This is due to the fact that plastic is a bad conductor of heat and electricity.
  • By cleaning the dryer: – After cleaning the lint screen and checking the hose pipe you also need to clean the dryer also by opening it properly. If you feel any doubt in doing this then consult with some professional so that your dryer works properly.
  • Properly check the gas line: – While using the dryer, professional always properly check the gas line. This is essential especially if you are using the dryer which operates with gas. The professionals know the proper line through which the dryer uses the gas. Hence, they are well aware about how to reduce fire risk.

The most important things in using the dryer duct are to follow the rules and regulation properly. Always disconnect the machine after use and properly clean every part of the machine by keeping the security procedure in mind. Always take a help of professionals if you are facing any doubt in maintaining or cleaning the Dryer. Professionals take care of the duct while cleaning and this prevents damage to your duct. Hiring a professional who can provide residential duct cleaning services and duct unit servicing also prevents accidents and mishaps, which can occur if you try to do the cleaning.

Professional Dryer Duct cleaning:-

No matter how hard you try, achieving 100% lint free dryer ducts can be a strenuous task. Moreover, you might not have the right equipment and brushes to carry on the procedure efficiently. Hence, it is always better to take the help of a professional who knows the cleaning procedure well.

Deluxe Duct Cleaning Melbourne is a reliable and trustworthy source to reduce to risk of fire hazard due to dryer ducts. They use powerful equipment to clean inside and outside of dryer vents and dryer ducts. The professionals can clear off every single particle of lint easily. They have enough expertise to take care of every type of damage and clogging.

Let your dryer ducts work efficiently and save your home from fire hazards by availing their services. Give them a call on 1300 440 825 to get your dryer ducts clean like never before.