Tips to Cleaning the Duct Systems

Ductless air conditioning units are cost-effective and efficient. While it is normal for you to forget about the mechanism that helps you live a comfortable life at home, not taking proper care of your ductless AC units may reverse the situation. However, if you ignore their cleaning and maintenance, you are simply reducing its life and effectiveness. It is always better to appoint professionals to perform most of the cleaning and maintenance work. 

Duct Cleaning

Fortunately, there are a few maintenance tricks and tips to air duct cleaning maintain a proper working ductless split air conditioner. Here is a list of 7 simple cleaning tips that will help you maintain your ductless split aircon units up to date and working properly. Let’s begin:

Easy To Follow Tips And Tricks To Maintain A Ductless Split Air Conditioner

  • Keep the outside clean 

Accumulated debris and dirt can create major issues for the ductless split heating and cooling systems. Include the AC in the weekly cleaning routine- just wipe it using a damp cloth. Additionally, ensure that outside vents are not having any blockage. 

  • Give the system space 

Although the ductless split ACs require less area for setup as compared to central air conditioning units. They still work effectively if you allow them more space in the room to operate. Try to maintain space between the system and furniture, which can accumulate efficiency-lowering dust. Moreover, you can maintain a minimum distance of four feet in every direction surrounding the system.

  • Shut down the unit before cleaning 

Along with the outside, you require to clean the interior of your ductless split heating and cooling system too! However, it is better to remove the plugs and cut the power supply of the entire unit before cleaning.

 The exterior circuit switch, as well as in-house components, must be kept off to ensure you do not cause harm to any part of the unit while cleaning, or worse, suffer an electric shock yourself. Let the unit cool and dry after shutting it down. Wait for a few minutes to switch it on after cleaning also.

  • Replace or clean filters

Blocked filters can lower the effectiveness of the ductless split aircon units by as much as 30%. Follow AC manual’s instructions to maintain the filters, and ensure cleaning them at least once a month in summers and once in three months in winters. You may also replace them if needed.

  • Clean the condenser and coil

The outdoor part of the ductless split AC requires TLC too. Keep it dirt and debris free! Make sure that all the parts are powered off while you begin the cleaning process. Furthermore, you can make use of a garden hose for spraying the unit (just check the pressure). Later, pick up the remaining debris by hand, if any. 

  • Monitor the pipes

The pipes that are leading to warm or cold air in your house can collect a lot of dust and dirt too. Leaks may occur suddenly in pipes.  The pipes and air vents may form leaks and cracks with use, which further affects the working of the unit.

So it is important to keep a regular check on the pipes. You may inspect it while you clean the filters every week, for instance. Cleaning the pipes also prevents the split AC unit from working improperly.

  • Detailed professional inspection 

You must always schedule yearly cleaning, inspection and maintenance services with one of our expert heating and cooling professionals. The professionals will comprehensively check your ductless split ac unit from inside and out. It further helps you prevent costly emergency repair bills in the future.

Is cleaning and maintaining ductless split air conditioning really important? 

Ductless split air conditioners are known for low maintenance and long-lasting heating and cooling units. Still, being a machine requires cleaning and maintenance services. 

The split aircon units require free-flowing air nearby both the outside and inside units to function properly.

This is why regular cleaning of filters is a must to keep the entire system running well in form. Not only will you spend money and effort if you ignore the filter cleaning at regular intervals, but also damage your ductless split air conditioner’s costly interior components as well.

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