Top 10 Things You Can Do For The Longevity Of Your Duct

Nobody cares about the air ducts until they start facing a problem. But, when they come to the realization, the damage already happened. So, now you are left with nothing but calling your professional to repair the air ducts connecting to your HVAC system. Do not forget how costly the repairing and replacement processes are. If you don’t want any of these to happen to your home or office, try to keep the air ducts clean.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 strategies for the same. So, if you have old ductwork, this will help you.

Air Duct Maintenance

10 Air Duct Maintenance Strategies You Can Try At Home

With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, you can keep your air duct in functional condition. So, if you don’t have any prior idea on air ducting maintenance, here you go-

1.       Change The Filters Of Your Air Ducts

Air duct filters catch a lot of germs and dust. In the long run, the dirt and dust sit on the filter pores in such a way that it becomes difficult to remove. Therefore, try to clean the filters once a month for more benefits.

2.       Install The High-Efficiency Air Filter

Each HVAC system requires an air filter. It will be best to install the best air filter suitable for your HVAC. So, call your HVAC manufacturer and get the best high-efficiency air filter for your home. It will help you to get rid of those minute allergens effectively.

3.       Put Filters In Each Junction Of Air Ducting

If possible, you can put more than one filter in the air ducting. It will help to stop the dirt and dust from getting inside the system. As a result, you breathe clean and allergen-free air. For that, you have to install air filters in each junction to catch more dust.

4.       Clean The Cooling Coil And Draining Pans

Your HVAC system requires yearly maintenance service. So, when your service provider checks your system, ask them to clean the cooling coil and draining pan.

5.       Clean The Dirt And Dust Before Starting The HVAC System

If there is any ongoing construction, make sure to clean the surface and the inside of the ducting. If you put on the machine with the dirt and dust, you will end up clogging your air filters. So, make sure to clean before starting the system.

6.       Check The Induct Humidity System

In some systems, the heating system has an in-duct humidifier. If there is any manual from the manufacturer for handling the humidifier, operate and clean them as told.

7.       Repair The Water Damage And Leakage

If you leave water leakage unattended, it will end up damping your ducting. Therefore, you can keep the ducting sturdy by repairing any water damage in the early stage.

8.       Repair The Ducting Gaps

The ducting is a continuous channel. Therefore, if there are gaps or unsealed parts on the ducting, it will compromise indoor air quality. So, make sure to check all the joining points for unattended ducting.

9.       Install Fitting Air Ducts

There are several HVAC systems in the market. And each HVAC system has a different air duct fitting. Installing ill-fitting air ducts will end up leaving gaps in between the ducting and the system. As a result, then dirt and dust will get easy access. So, always go for the correct fitting air duct to keep them clean.

10.   Call Your Professional

Moreover, hiring a professional air duct cleaning every one or twice a year will help the ducting in top-notch working conditions. So, if you are unable to handle your ducting, always take help from the experts.

Professional Duct Cleaning

These are the top 10 most sought ideas for keeping your ductwork clean, hygienic, and functional throughout the day. So, check your system minutely and choose the best treatment for your ducting. For the best solution, you can ask your local service provider as well. After all, today’s maintenance is your tomorrow’s safety.